Another List: Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Things I don't want to forget | R.Simple Life

+ “Harry WUFFS…” the baby, that excavator, onions, etc. Everything. You wuff it all.

+ “Mama, my MISSED you!” or even cuter “Hi Big Giant Bear! My MISSED you! You’re not in London anymore!”

+ The sweet way in which you tucked me in when I was sleepy the other morning. On the living room floor. By piling all the pillows on top of me.

+ How much you love your “cappuccinos” (frothed milk with cinnamon on top).

+ The way you are very determined to be potty trained so you can go see Mickey Mouse. Until you have to go. Then the seriousness in the way you tell me you don’t want to see Mickey Mouse anymore.

+ That cute, high voice you take on when you’re trying to be extra sweet.

+ How cuddly you are lately. Your favorite thing to do all morning long is just sit cuddled up on my lap and talk nonsense. And when you’re done eating, you say “He’s coming to you, Mama.”

+ The way you’re a big boy when it’s convenient. And how you’re tiny when that’s more appealing.

+ The love you have for every single one of your buddies (stuffed animals).

+ The true concern in your heart for anyone who is upset. “You okay, baby???”

+ “Mama, you nice!”

+ The way that love for you means that someone or something is nice. And nice for you means they won’t eat you. (“Harry wuffs the tiger! The tiger is nice! It won’t eat Harry!”)

+ The true concern that someone or something might eat you.

+ Your giant, giant heart.

+ This imaginary world you live in. Your favorite game to play right now is “streetcar.” Basically, you take everything you can find into my closet and shut the doors. That’s your street car and it’s always taking you to Paris. I find the strangest things in my closet.

+ The love you have for the Eiffel Tower.

+ How big you looked when you were telling me all about swimming with Papa.

+ How opinionated you are. Keep it up, my strong willed boy.

+ The sound of your pitter patter feet when they’re running through our house.

+ Your love for animals, and really, all living things. “Come here fly! Harry WUFFS you!”

+ The way you hold my hand at lunchtime. And then the way you rest your head on my arm when you get tired.

I love you buddy. This is a tough age, but it’s also the sweetest age so far. I’ll take it.

xoxo Mama

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