An Announcement

And it’s of the baby variety… Do you know what Irish Twins are?

Paper Culture Birth Annoucement

We are not having a set. Gotcha? I’ve chatted briefly about Paper Culture before, but after ordering Harry’s birth announcements from them, I am even more impressed. A designer looked at the cards and fixed the color and the text layout, then sent me a proof to make sure I still liked them and wasn’t going for the red face look for Harry. Seriously cool. I also got to dedicate a tree to our little boy, which Paper Culture then planted in his honor. Super seriously cool. And the cards? Awesome. Arrived in the sweetest packaging I’m keeping for storing pretty things, and the quality is tops. Super duper seriously cool.

Paper Culture Birth Announcement

And yes. I ordered two different varieties. Just call me “mom-who-can’t-decide-which-picture-of-her-son-is-the-cutest.” Because, that apparently is who I am. The backs were a version of this:

Paper Culture Birth Announcement

Love them. And I seriously can’t rave about Paper Culture anymore. They are amazing (and no, they are not paying me or perking me to say that) and their cards (birth announcements, invitations, Valentines, stationery, etc) are awesome. Keep them in mind the next time you need cards. Plant another tree on this planet.

xoxo, Mallory

2 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. sprout

    I dont blame you for not being able to decide. I love both cards.

    Is 6 months too late to order birth announcements? Like so many other things, it totally got away from me. And I adore how yours turned out. I may have to get like 10 just for myself and grandparents….


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