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Jon and Mallory met in a high school drama class, but didn’t start dating until four years later when we reconnected through his band. Shortly thereafter, we moved from Michigan to Colorado for school and haven’t looked back since.

A wedding in 2009 was the beginning of our adventures… which have taken us everywhere from Oklahoma to Arkansas to Mississippi to a long distance deployment (Him in Qatar, Her on the Gulf Coast) and now to Germany.

In 2013, we added a spiky haired, loud mouthed, curious and spunky, sweet as can be little boy named Harry to our brood. It’s been the best adventure of our lives, being parents to this spirited young man.

R.Simple Life began as a way to share the simple (read: boring) goings on of our life with friends and family from afar, and has morphed into a slightly less boring glimpse of our day to day. We blame Harry for the added interest.

We revel in the simple things, the everyday moments that life is full of. The family dinners, the morning walks, the laundry folding, the living room dancing, the hand holding. But we also have a bigger passion… that of travel. Enjoyment in new cultures is a good interest to have when the military sends you on seven moves in seven years. We aim to document the travels alongside the simplicity on this little blog.

Thanks for joining us!

xoxo Mallory, Jon, and Harry

Photo by Christy Nicole Photography

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