5K and 20 Minutes of Crying

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Harry ran his first race on Thanksgiving. In hindsight, the Detroit Turkey Trot might not have been the most ideal first race for a little southern boy who wasn’t even in his own stroller. A record-breaking 22,000 people ran that race with us, and let me tell you. I think they were all running a few seconds slower than us. Because I can’t tell you how many ankles that stroller ate when some slowpoke cut us off.

Poor Harry had been in the stroller just sitting around waiting for the race to start longer than he had anticipated that morning. He didn’t plan accordingly when choosing his breakfast that morning (he refused everything). He was tired, cold, and hungry. And he let us all know he was not into the race.

We finished in just under 34 minutes and the snow was falling the whole time. Peeking through the throngs of people, Detroit was really pretty in that light. Big white snowflakes falling from the sky… The tall gray buildings looming overhead… rosy baby cheeks and nose.

Fingers crossed it didn’t scare him away from races forever. I promise to pick a smaller race next time, bud.

xoxo, Mallory

One thought on “5K and 20 Minutes of Crying

  1. Sherry Felice

    We ran the Canton turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. Christopher didn’t get home in time to run it but he was at the finish line shortly after I came in. It wasn’t as crowded as the Detroit turkey trot. It was really pretty running with the snowfall but slippery!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!


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