30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

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Raise your hand if you had a mini pregnant melt down yesterday, brought on by crazy hormones and panic at reaching your “Scary Week” (you know… the week in your pregnancy which has been a deadline in your mind the whole time… the week that feels so close to the end it’s scary… the week that things need to start getting done). Anyone? Just me then?

Yes, I had a little panic yesterday thinking of everything that still needs to get done. Luckily I have a super sweet partner in this thing called parenting that reminded me we don’t really have to do anything. We have everything this little boy needs… and the things we still should do, we can tackle one at a time. So The List was born.

Today I am thankful for lists. Any Type-A girl knows a list is a best friend. It’s more comforting than a glass of wine (as long as things are getting crossed off it) and more productive than crying on the stairs. It organizes a pregnant brain that used to be so organized and now has troubles multitasking. It shows that even though there is still a lot to be done, in little chunks, it’s doable. And it gets us motivated to get stuff done.

So today, I am thankful for lists. What makes you say thanks today?

xoxo, Mallory

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

  1. Amy

    Oh my god. I freaking love lists. Lists are my savior. Lists make my sometimes disorganized mind thinking clearly again. Lists are satisfying [just like you said, only if things are crossed off].

  2. Wendy

    So sorry to hear about the mini melt down yesterday. I think I might have, but after four (yes, FOUR) week of calling the former OB to get labs faxed, the labs finally arrived= no extra insurance bill!

    Today I am thankful for my Mom (aka mother-in-law) who sent an e-mail that was just perfect! She didn’t sound like a Mom, but rather a friend with whom I hang out. She and Dad will be here for Thanksgiving (10 days timed hopefully with the birth of her latest granddaughter), and she totally offered to co-cook meals, support however is best, etc.

    She’s the kind of woman you want around. She raised 8 kids while her hub was on a submarine, and she knows the ins/outs of life and beyond. She’s gentle, wise, funny, and humble.

    At 70 and recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s (her hub has had it for a few decades), you would never know anything was up. She volunteers at a few places (to the tune of essentially being a Project Manager), totally takes care of her hub, goes to movie night at one of her daughter’s every Friday (aka grandkid time), and is the best!

    When I married my hub I never dreamt I would be blessed with a Mom who is just what I needed in my life, and is amazing beyond belief!


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