30 Days of Thanks: Day 24

Books. Books have made my life the life it is. They are my solitude when I need some time to myself. They are my escape when I need to escape. They are my entertainment when life is lacking that. They are my teachers when I am ready to learn. They are my friends when I let them into my heart. They are my passport when I am ready to explore.

Books have grown my imagination, my knowledge base, and my passion for different cultures, different time periods, different worlds. They have always been there for me and will be there for me until the very end. They are some of the best friends I’ve had.

When I’m old and grey, and my grandchildren come to visit, I hope they can walk into my library and enjoy every last book that I have known and loved over the years. The warn, ratty books, the books with the almost new spine, every single one.

Today I am thankful for books.

xoxo, Mallory

PS if you’re looking for some awesome book reviews, check out Book Monster. She’s awesome.

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