28 Weeks

How far along: 28 Weeks. We are officially in the third trimester people. Holy cow I have a lot to do.

How big is baby: Just over 2 lbs, almost 15 inches, and the size of a chinese cabbage. Like bok choy.

Total weight gain: +12 lbs. And getting bigger every week.

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking the belly band and normal clothes. Although my extra small t-shirts are getting a little short…

Sleep: So far, I have really been lucky in the sleep department. I’ve been tired, but after my first trimester, not too tired – just tired enough to fall asleep by 9pm. But I haven’t had many issues at all.

Best moment of the week: Getting Jonathan back after 15 days of him being gone and me going crazy by myself (with a cat & a dog).

Food Cravings: My lunch pretty much everyday checks a lot of craving boxes. Something about the jalapeño cheddar wrap, the goat cheese, and the honey mustard rock my boat. (Add to that spinach, tomatoes, turkey, swiss, and provolone, and you’ve got yourself a wrap.)

Food Aversions: Nada. Not wanting a big juicy steak anytime soon, but then again, I’ve never been much of a steak girl.

Symptoms: Still lots of skin issues, lots of emotions, and some crazy cramps this week.

Movement: So much. I love feeling this guy moving around. I am starting to feel the stretching and wiggles as much as the kicks and punches, and it’s my new favorite thing. Just knowing my little guy is in there stretching out makes me smile so big.

What I’m looking forward to: A babymoon! Booked!

What I miss: Fitting into my clothes. No joke. I just want to be able to wear a belt.

xoxo, Mallory

6 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Amy

    You are RADIANT. Look at you! Beautiful. And I’m so glad Jon has returned. Did he notice any belly growth? Because that’s the real question…

    1. Mallory

      Thank you!! You’re so good for my self esteem.

      He claims he didn’t notice much growth. I feel huge. He doesn’t seem to notice. Except for the acrobatics show that’s been happening in there, he says I look the same.

    1. Mallory

      Thanks Linds! Lots of mocktails and snuggle time are to be had. Looks like you’re enjoying a nice little getaway too… have so much fun Momma! xo


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