27 Weeks

How far along: 27 Weeks – last week of my second trimester. Holy moly.

How big is baby: Almost 2 lbs. The head of a cauliflower, and almost 15 full inches long!

Total weight gain: +10.5lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Not a fan. I tried on a few pairs of pants this weekend, and wasn’t happy with any. So I’m sticking with the belly band as long as I can. Then maybe we’ll switch to yoga pants 😉

Sleep: Crazy dreams, but lots ‘o sleep.

Best moment of the week: Having a good laugh with my husband. Sometimes that’s all you need. In case you were wondering what the laugh was about, let’s just say the words “Papa, I pooped a little.” and “Don’t worry, I took care of it.” were involved.

Food Cravings: Still lots of sweets. I finally made my secret recipe cookies and bit into one to realize the chocolate chips were OLD. What a disappointment.

Food Aversions: I can’t think of anything.

Symptoms: A lot of waking up to pee at night (even more than usually) and I’ve been super emotional. Oh, and in a weird turn of events, it seems as though my hair growth is slowing.

Movement: The best I can describe the newest movements (the wiggling and stretching) is feeling like I swallowed a snake. Another fun thing… Baby has taken to hitching an elbow or a foot under my ribs. Doesn’t hurt yet… but I’m hoping he grows out of that before he gets bigger and stronger.

What I’m looking forward to: Sunday.

What I miss: Wine. And snuggles.

xoxo, Mallory

8 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. Lindsey

    You look darling Mallory! Maternity clothes are indeed no fun. I found Old Navy to have the best jeans and basics and I didn’t feel like I was breaking the bank! xo

    1. Mallory

      Thanks Lindsey! I’ve been loving on Old Navy lately – and I’ve found that a lot of their stuff is stretchy enough that I can still fit into one size up! Definitely keeping them on the list for the time when I can’t fit into anything but yoga pants and Jon’s PT t-shirts though. xoxo

  2. Amy

    Girl you are so pregnant! And I love it. It looks good on you. And…THE LAST WEEK OF YOUR SECOND TRIMESTER?! Get out of town. I don’t believe it. Has it gone by that quickly?!

    1. Mallory

      Ah thanks! I feel HUGE. Can you believe I’m less than a week away from my last trimester?! I’m freaking out.

  3. Wendy

    Read your comment on YHL about the book tour and wishing it would take them to Biloxi. It made me smile, as I spent four years in Ocean Springs, MS as a kid (Dad worked at Ingalls and drilled at Keesler).

    Your blog is beautiful and congrats on your son! We’re expecting our first, a little girl, just after Thanksgiving.

    Best of Luck with everything and all of the journeys!

    1. Mallory

      Thanks for the comment Wendy! Too funny how YHL can bring readers together. We’re at Keesler, so we’ve got the same stomping grounds.

      Thanks so much for the sweet sentiments. Best of luck to you’re first little girl! It’s so exciting, isn’t it?


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