25 Weeks

How far along: 25 Weeks

How big is baby: 13.5 inches, a pound and a half, or roughly the size of an average rutabaga. Yes, rutabaga.

Total weight gain: +9.5lbs!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I’m quickly growing out of all of my pants. It’s just around the corner.

Sleep: Tired at 9pm, but I sleep just fine. Aside from the multiple trips to the bathroom every night.

Best moment of the week: Being reunited with Jonathan after he was out of town for work all week!

Food Cravings: Sweets. This baby likes sweets. And PIZZA.

Food Aversions: Beef.

Symptoms: Two cool, new ones this week (sarcasm). I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago with a TERRIBLE leg cramp. So far, that’s been the only one, but I’m preparing myself for more. And pregnancy mask. On my hand. Let’s hope it stays there and doesn’t spread to my face.

Movement: Still lots of kicks + punches. Starting to feel a little hand or foot drag down a few inches – that’s pretty awesome.

What I’m looking forward to: My next doctor appointment this week.

What I miss: Cold weather!!!

xoxo, Mallory

2 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. Lindsey

    You look fabulous! Eloise loved pizza too. And the charlie horses/leg cramps are SO painful! Mine went away as I got further along and I hope yours do too!


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