19 Weeks

How far along: 19 Weeks.

How big is baby: Holy moly so big. 6 or so inches – or an extra large heirloom tomato!

Total weight gain: I don’t know if my scale is just super polite and wants to make me feel good, but we’re back at 0lbs gained. I’ve got a DR appointment next week, so maybe their scale isn’t as sweet.

Maternity Clothes: Well I spoke a day too soon with my Neighbors post. Because not only did we find great neighbors, but she was pregnant a year ago and has lent me lots of great maternity clothes. Our neighborhood experience is definitely looking up!

Sleep: So far, so good. I’ve been super lucky to be blessed with great sleep.

Best moment of the week: A nice, relaxing date night Saturday. Easy date nights like that are numbered, so I’m enjoying every moment of every one.

Food Cravings: No cravings this week… big appetite though!

Food Aversions: Beef. Though it’s fading. So we might brave a cheeseburger soon…

Symptoms: Oh my loosening of my hips + pelvic bone.

Movement: Not feeling as much dancing around, but the kicks are getting stronger and stronger.

What I’m looking forward to: Our trip to Michigan in a month!

What I miss: Zipping up my jeans.

xoxo, Mallory

4 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. Amy

    I say it every week, but you could not be cuter. And I am in love with those red jeans [where did you get them?]! Also, I’m so happy you found decent neighbors. Yesterday Aaron and I had a moment with our neighbors, too! It was refreshing. I hope you make more neighbor friends!

    1. Mallory

      Ah, you always make me feel awesome! Thank you! The jeans are from TJ Maxx (brand is VIGold) and they are the most comfortable pair of non-yoga pants I own.

      I’m so excited for you and your neighbors too! Yay for good neighbors!


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