The Heat

Seriously, so excited for this movie. I’ve been waiting for it for months. Written by Katie Dippold of Parks and Recreation fame, directed by Paul Feig (who directed Bridesmaids) and staring Melissa McCarthy + Sandra Bullock… it’s going to be hilarious.

Whose going to see it?

xoxo, Mallory

2 thoughts on “The Heat

  1. Amy

    OH MY GOD. I’M DYING. I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. That’s only the preview? My goodness. And it comes out in April? I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG! It’s too good. Oh my god. And M.I.A. in the background? Perfect. I love Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock always kills it as a cop. Still laughing. Don’t know when it’s going to stop. I hope it never does.

    1. Mallory

      This is why we’re friends. I had the same reaction. To everything. Melissa McCarthy. M.I.A. Sandra Bullock. Nonstop laughter.

      I can’t wait for this freaking movie.


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