Conversations with inanimate objects | R.Simple Life

Conversations With the Smoke Detector

Conversations with inanimate objects | R.Simple LifeConversations with inanimate objects | R.Simple LifeConversations with inanimate objects | R.Simple Life

So Harry has been just about the cutest thing in the world lately (he’s also been quite the rascal, don’t let me fool you – terrible twos are here) and my new favorite Harry-ism is talking to inanimate objects. Like the smoke detector really wants to know about what’s going on in our house.

“Smoke detector, pool open today, smoke detector. Puttin on Thomas underpants, smoke detector. Duke eat Baby Olive Oil’s panda bear, smoke detector. Peed in the potty, smoke detector.”

He also shows the smoke detector all of his books, stuffed animals, Guys, underwear, etc. And it doesn’t stop there. He also talks to Papa’s airplane (pictured), to the monitor, to the red double decker bus, to the lights… Poor kid might need a few more playdates.

xoxo Mallory

Room for Harry

Colorful toddler bedroom | R.Simple Life

Harry’s room, the only room in our house that could be considered “finished,” was featured on The Wise Baby yesterday (click here to see the full feature with sources). Harry, Jon, and I worked together to create a room that would be comfortable and fun and that our little guy would love. We’ve injected a bit more personality into his new room (as compared with his old room) because, well, Harry is coming into his own and showing off a lot more of his personality.

I find myself hanging out in this room all the time. It’s so happy and bright!

xoxo Mallory

Green Shoes

Green Shoes

Green ShoesGreen ShoesGreen Shoes

Naively, I was sure I’d have at least 2-3 Halloweens that I got to choose the costume. That aside from being particular about hats or gloves or shirts that fit funny, Harry wouldn’t be very particular about what he was wearing. I was wrong. Not only has he been 100% sure of what he wants to be for Halloween for over a month, but he know what he wants to wear (or what he doesn’t want to wear) every single day. And when it was time for a new pair of tennis shoes to replace the beloved Nikes, Harry was set on a pair of green shoes. Call it what you will, but I was hellbent to find a cute pair of green shoes for the kid. And found them I did. The kid gets more compliments on these shoes than I do on a months worth of carefully planned out outfits.

xoxo Mallory

Party: Before + After | R.Simple Life

Birthday Party: Before + After

Party: Before + After | R.Simple LifeParty: Before + After | R.Simple LifeIMG_0800

Harry was invited to a birthday party for three year old twins this weekend. He was very excited, as this was his first invite. He brought the football and the cooler, wore his coolest shades, and partied hard. And then he fell asleep in the car home (at 6:30) and didn’t wake up until 7 the next morning. Win-win.

xoxo Mallory

Quiet Mornings

Quiet Mornings | R.Simple Life

Call me crazy, but I wake up about an hour before the rest of the house. I spend the time in the gymgarage, and then before anyone else wakes up, I take in a little bit of the misty German morning air. Best way to start the day, in my opinion.

xoxo Mallory

Issy and Lily’s Library

On January 9, 2013, we welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family. He stole our hearts before he ever took a breath and the moment we met him, Jon and I fell so hard in love with him. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful, healthy boy in our lives.

Jon and I were and still are very aware of how blessed we are to have such a happy, healthy child. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t look at Harry in awe, knowing that he is growing as he should and experiencing life to it’s fullest. We don’t take him for granted ever. And I think a large part of that is the second-hand grief we’ve experienced in regards to babies.

Some of our sweetest friends have dealt with extreme loss, the crippling loss that is losing a child. We’ve seen just how precious life is, and just how strong parents have to be to lay their child to rest.

Issy and Lily's Library | R.Simple Life
Kirk + Amanda holding little sister Ellis

Kirk and Amanda are two of those strong parents we’ve known. When I was pregnant with Harry, Amanda was pregnant with their twin girls Isabella and Lily. Their daughters were born very, very prematurely and Kirk and Amanda were able to spend three days with the beautiful, tiny loves. You can read more about their story here.

I don’t like to tell anyone to donate to any certain cause. But every once in a while there is a cause I feel so strongly about, I have to pass it along, in case someone else feels as strongly about it too. Kirk and Amanda have decided to leave a legacy for their sweet girls, by donating books for parents to read to their infants in the NICU. Every baby has should be comforted by their parents’ familiar voices, and when the words aren’t there, the books will be.

If you feel inclined, please visit Issy and Lily’s Library here. You can read about Kirk and Amanda’s story and their current mission. If you feel so inclined to do so, you can also donate.

xoxo Mallory

Harry Does Pumpkin Fest

Harry does Pumpkin Fest | R.Simple LifeHarry does Pumpkin Fest | R.Simple Lifeharry_pumpkin_fest

There was pumpkin juice and pumpkin wine and pumpkin soup and pumpkins for picking, but this kid had the most fun with the piles of hay and Charlie the golden retriever under the table.

xoxo Mallory

Local tip: The Hitscherhof Pumpkin Festival was this weekend! Not too far, wonderful food, lots of pumpkins and pumpkin food/drink, a corn maze, and a big field of hay for the kids to play in. A definite must! Keep an eye out for it next fall.

He’s Sensitive

His Sensitivity | R.Simple Life

Let me tell you about the worst moment of my entire life. Last week, Harry fell down the stairs. I was in the kitchen getting our lunch ready, he was playing with The Guys in the living room and in a split second, I heard the gate go crashing down the stairs and Harry screaming.

My heart stopped. I screamed, and ran. The gate at the top of the stairs was gone, and so was Harry. I had no idea how far he had fallen, but our steps are (stone and) straight down with no landings, so I was terrified he was at the bottom with broken bones or bleeding head wounds. Somehow he had stopped himself about six steps down, and was laying there crying with the gate on top of him.

As I quickly picked him up and tried very hard to calm myself down, because I knew I was scaring him with my panic, I started looking him over. He seemed fine. No limbs pointing in the wrong direction, no cuts on his head, no goose eggs forming. I set to comforting him when I noticed his mouth was bleeding, and I immediately burst into tears.

In between his sobs, because he was still terrified, he looked at me and cried “Mama okay? Mama okay?” Which made me both calm the heck down, and want to start crying even harder. Here is my 20 month old son, who had just fallen down the stairs and was probably in some pain, consoling his crying mama. Worrying about me.

He does this constantly. “Mama okay?” when I take a big breath. “Papa okay?” when his laugh sounds almost like a cry. “Kitty okay?” when the cat walking with us in Italy decides to jump behind a wall. “Duke okay?” when he is whining to go outside.

The kid’s heart is unbelievable. He cares so much for his fellow man, dog, and plastic animal. It gives me this pain in my chest, watching his sensitivity grow. Not a bad pain at all, and proud mama pain, knowing how heart wrenching it is to care so much about other living things. He amazes me with his empathy. AMAZES ME.

His lip was fat for a few hours, but he wasn’t seriously injured at all. He recovered just fine within minutes. I know this happens to just about every single kid, but man. Being on the parenting end of it is scary as heck. It sure is a good thing Harry has so much heart. Maybe one day he’ll understand why I’m crying right alongside him.

xoxo Mallory