Another List: Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Things I don't want to forget | R.Simple Life

+ “Harry WUFFS…” the baby, that excavator, onions, etc. Everything. You wuff it all.

+ “Mama, my MISSED you!” or even cuter “Hi Big Giant Bear! My MISSED you! You’re not in London anymore!”

+ The sweet way in which you tucked me in when I was sleepy the other morning. On the living room floor. By piling all the pillows on top of me.

+ How much you love your “cappuccinos” (frothed milk with cinnamon on top).

+ The way you are very determined to be potty trained so you can go see Mickey Mouse. Until you have to go. Then the seriousness in the way you tell me you don’t want to see Mickey Mouse anymore.

+ That cute, high voice you take on when you’re trying to be extra sweet.

+ How cuddly you are lately. Your favorite thing to do all morning long is just sit cuddled up on my lap and talk nonsense. And when you’re done eating, you say “He’s coming to you, Mama.”

+ The way you’re a big boy when it’s convenient. And how you’re tiny when that’s more appealing.

+ The love you have for every single one of your buddies (stuffed animals).

+ The true concern in your heart for anyone who is upset. “You okay, baby???”

+ “Mama, you nice!”

+ The way that love for you means that someone or something is nice. And nice for you means they won’t eat you. (“Harry wuffs the tiger! The tiger is nice! It won’t eat Harry!”)

+ The true concern that someone or something might eat you.

+ Your giant, giant heart.

+ This imaginary world you live in. Your favorite game to play right now is “streetcar.” Basically, you take everything you can find into my closet and shut the doors. That’s your street car and it’s always taking you to Paris. I find the strangest things in my closet.

+ The love you have for the Eiffel Tower.

+ How big you looked when you were telling me all about swimming with Papa.

+ How opinionated you are. Keep it up, my strong willed boy.

+ The sound of your pitter patter feet when they’re running through our house.

+ Your love for animals, and really, all living things. “Come here fly! Harry WUFFS you!”

+ The way you hold my hand at lunchtime. And then the way you rest your head on my arm when you get tired.

I love you buddy. This is a tough age, but it’s also the sweetest age so far. I’ll take it.

xoxo Mama

FAQ Baby Two

I dropped the bomb then left you all with your questions, but no more! Today I am answering all the questions which have cropped up due to our little “Macarons” announcement. Hopefully I’ve covered them all, but if there are more, let me know and I may just answer them!

Baby Two FAQ | R.Simple Life

When are you due???

September 9. Which makes me 14 weeks and one day today. Officially out of the first trimester, which I am grateful for. We’ve had one ultrasound (where the Macaron waved to us! best ever) and more doctors appointments coming up.

How are you feeling?

Today? Much better. My first trimester was rough. I got norovirus around 7 weeks, which jumpstarted my morning sickness. I spent a lot of time in my bed during weeks 7 and 8. Then I spent the next few weeks (up until about week 13) experiencing “morning” sickness. All day sickness. But I’m feeling much better now and just dealing with food aversions + a lack of appetite. I will say the second pregnancy, complete with a 2 year old to chase around, has exhausted me more than I remember the first one doing. I’m starting to get a little energy back, which is very welcome. Now I’m dealing with lots of gas pains and indigestion, a little hormonal/emotional things, and skin issues. But I’m feeling pretty okay.

Do you know what you’re having? Will you find out? Any guesses?

We don’t know yet. Yet. But yes, just like with Harry, we will be finding out what this Macaron is as soon as possible. I felt such a bond with Harry the second I knew he was a little boy and I can’t imagine not knowing this time around. We both are thinking boy strictly because this pregnancy is so, so similar to Harry’s. But we’ll see. We’d be so happy with either.

Are you delivering in a German hospital?

Yes! I think so. We haven’t made the official switch from the American hospital on base to our nearest German hospital, but it’s in the plans. Nothing against the base hospital, we just really love what we’ve heard about giving birth in a German hospital. Plus, it’s waaay closer to our house.

Does Harry know?

He does! We’re constantly chatting with him about his little brother or sister. He wasn’t keen on the idea at first, but now that he’s decided he will not eat the baby (as long as it brings him a snack) he’s getting excited. I’m not sure he can totally wrap his head around the idea, he is only two after all, but he seems to have positive reactions when we talk about the baby. We’ll see how it goes once he realizes it’s here to stay.

Are you excited?

We are thrilled! We’re fairly certain this little Macaron will complete our small family so his or her impending arrival is a topic which has been discussed with much excitement. Harry and the Macaron will be about 2 years and 8 months apart, which I’m hoping is the ideal age difference, and we’re all excited to be a family of four.

When will you be back in the states/Michigan/Colorado/here?

We will be back for Jon’s graduation in June before the Macaron is here, but not to Michigan. We’ll actually be on the East Coast for a little family time and Jon’s school stuff. Then we’re planning on making the trip to Colorado for my sister’s wedding as a family of four next winter! Any other trips that may happen have not been planned yet.

Is this why you haven’t been blogging?

Yes, and no. I didn’t plan on taking a break from blogging, but it definitely happened. As I was working my way through morning sickness and exhaustion, and now trying to catch up on housework and socialization, the blog felt like a lot of work, so I gave myself permission to let it slip. I’m continuing with this permission. I’m sure we’re in for an exhaustingly exhilarating few years here, so I’m completely planning on still blogging to keep a record of our wonderful life, but on that note, I’m also giving myself permission to “slow blog” and only pop in when inspiration strikes. I do have a few posts lined up just waiting for a little photo editing (Harry’s second birthday in Paris, my sisters engagement, our Amsterdam/Brussels/Positano vacations, etc) and I’m sure I’ll be documenting life and pregnancy and love as we know it, so I’ll be here. I may even be around next week with a few progress shots of this bump (which has grown much quicker than it did last time around… at least, I feel that way)!

So there you have it. All your questions answered. What’s new with you?

xoxo Mallory

Christmas Morning 2014

Christmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeHarry_Christmas2014-5Christmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple LifeChristmas Morning 2014 | R.Simple Life

This Christmas was a good one. All through the month of December, Harry was excited. We talked about Santa, sat on his lap twice, discussed how elves were going to make the perfect red double decker bus, opened our advent calendar every day, made cookies and Christmas cards, sang carols, visited Christmas Markets, and loved on our Christmas tree. Seeing my favorite time of the year through the eyes of my alllllmost two year old somehow upped the magic factor by about a million, give or take.

Christmas morning was full of sugar (I’ll let you imagine the resulting midday crash) and love and so many presents Harry actually left a few under the tree. We’re still opening presents. But that red double decker bus. Man, Santa pulled through on that one.

I hope your Christmas was full of your own red double decker bus happiness.

xoxo Mallory

It's Nice to Meet You, Santa | R.Simple Life

It’s Nice to Meet You, Santa

It's Nice to Meet You, Santa | R.Simple LifeIt's Nice to Meet You, Santa | R.Simple LifeIt's Nice to Meet You, Santa | R.Simple Life We weren’t sure what to expect with our Santa visit, because we really only started prepping Harry a few days before. But the kid loved Santa. He couldn’t contain his excitement in line, and as soon as the boy in front of him hopped off Santa’s lap, Harry was running.

He hopped into Santa’s lap, shook his hand and said “It’s nice to meet you!” then proceeded to tell Santa he would like a “BIG red double bus” all the while enamored with his beard. We’re pretty sure Santa didn’t have a beard in Harry’s mind’s eye, but it didn’t throw him off. He was pretty interested in it and hasn’t stopped talking about it yet.

And now he’s really, really hoping that Santa’s elves are working hard making his “BIG red double bus” and not-so-secretly wishing for a yellow bow tie in his stocking. If there was any doubt this kid was mine…

xoxo Mallory