Harry does Heidelberg | R.Simple Life

Harry Does Heidelberg

Harry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeHarry Does Heidelberg | R.Simple LifeLet’s talk about how ridiculous it is that Heidelberg is an hour from my house. It’s the home to one of those beautiful, decrepit castles with turrets falling down and ivy growing up. Walking around the grounds transports you to another time and you absolutely feel like you’re in a fairy tale. I can just see 10 year old Mallory, head in the clouds as it almost always was, wandering around the castle, imagination running wild. And now I get to see my little boy’s eyes light up at fountains and giant lawns with ducks roaming as he discovers how great castles are. How am I going to take this kid back to the states?

xoxo Mallory

PS That little denim butt!

Nani Nani, Singing Jack Johnson

Harry Reading | R.Simple LifeHarry Reading | R.Simple LifeHarry Reading | R.Simple Life

Here’s the thing about this kid, Harry. Every single day, every phase, every year, I think “This is it. This is the best.” And then the next day comes and I realize it just keeps getting better, to infinity. There will be “best” days and there will be “not so best” days with him, with us, with me, but every day is better and more exciting and more fun.

The latest? His long, funeral march, drawn out, monotone version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It always starts with an “Mmmhmm” because he’s singing the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version and then hops right into “Soooooommmewhereeeee, overtherainboooow… wayUPhiiiigh” and it kills me. Every time. Jon heard it for the first time the other night when we were out for a family walk after dinner and as it went on and on and on, we were out of his view behind the stroller, silently convulsing with laughter. The singing lately, it’s good. Greatest hits good. (Speaking of greatest hits, some of his other chart toppers include Jack Johnson, ABC’s, Jingle Bells, and the Sesame Street theme song.)

xoxo Mallory

Things I Don’t Want to Forget, 19 Month Style

Things I Don't Want to Forget about the 19 Month Old Stage | R.Simple Life

+ You aren’t a baby anymore. At some point in the last two months, you became a toddler. I never want to forget these first few months of non-babyness.

+ “Mama pretty.”

+The way you carry your Guys around. You often feel the need to carry them all at once, which means some of them get tucked under your chin, into your mouth, or hugged tightly against your chest.

+ Finding you asleep in the middle of the night, clutching one of your Guys in your fist.

+ The piano and “Do a Deer.” You know all the words.

+ The way your hand feels in mine when your being a big boy and walking. And the way you always, always grab my hand backwards.

+ Kisses through the stair rails.

+ All the words that come out of your mouth. It’s your stream of consciousness and I love having a peek inside your sweet thoughts.

+ The way being in a new city, exploring new streets, sleeping in a strange bed, don’t seem to phase you in the least.

+ Your hands and this time of almost big kid hands… but hanging on to those dimples just a little bit longer.

+ The way you dance. And laugh. And run.

+ Our walks up to the castle, and how badly you don’t want to leave.

+ The important decision that is  picking out the right diaper.

+ How you hang back on the outside of a group of kids, observing, watching. And then when you’re ready, you venture into the middle and laugh.

+ Your sweet laugh when all the adults are laughing around you.

+ The feeling of your head against my shoulder before bed.

+ Laying in your crib with you, brushing your hair with my fingers, and talking about life when you’re not quite ready for bed.

+ The way you ask for “Mama’s bed” when you’re not feeling good.

+ How grumpy you are when you wake up from your nap, as your Papa points out, just like your Mama.

+ You, walking around the pool, water up to your chin, “swimming.”

xoxo Mama

Taking Stock Simple Life Style

Taking Stock | R.Simple Life

Making: a house a home. Hanging beautiful art, warming up spaces with white, injecting personality in every corner.
Cooking: with what I can find here. Farmers Market = great. Grocery stores = not.
Drinking: wasser mit gas.
Reading: two very different books, neither of which I care to share the titles of. And about 3 months of blogs I need to catch up on.
Wanting: a rainy, cold, dark day filled with nothing but movies and cuddling with my two favorites.
Looking: at my skin and beauty and body routines with a magnifying glass.
Playing: house. Staying home is weird.
Wasting: hours and hours and hours on the internet. Make a girl live without it for three months, but she’ll make up for it eventually.
Wishing: for some time with my best friend and her brand new baby.
Enjoying: Harry. 19 months is the best.
Waiting: for Jon to be home this weekend.
Liking: my unfinished gallery wall. Ready to fill it.
Wondering: how we will ever fit in every trip we want to take here.
Loving: peanut butter and banana chips. Too much.
Hoping: for a relaxing night.
Marveling: at my biggest boy.
Needing: to hold the aforementioned best friend’s brand new baby.
Smelling: the lawn.
Wearing: all the clothes that don’t quite do it for me anymore. Either they don’t fit or I feel like they don’t fit, and either way, it’s a whole lot of frump.
Following: my husband’s career can be complicated. But I’ll do it forever if it means his rear end is in my view.
Noticing: cultural differences.
Knowing: how strong I am.
Thinking: a lot. Moving abroad is different than expected. Wonderful, and different.
Feeling: thankful.
Bookmarking: too many skin care products. And a million size 6 green toddler shoes.
Opening: emails. Then closing them without responding.
Giggling: at Harry and his imagination.
Feeling: calm.

xoxo Mallory

borrowed from the lovely Sydney.

Guys in the Bath | R.Simple Life

Guys in the Bath

Guys in the Bath | R.Simple Life

Did I tell you yesterday, or what? “They guys” go everywhere. Pictured here: Otter, Mountain Goat, and Beaver.

This kid gets funnier ever day he grows into this personality of his. He’s starting to develop his sense of humor and nothing gets me quite like the grown up, fake laugh that emits from his tiny little mouth after he says something he thinks is particularly funny. Last night, Harry and I were eating dinner, just the two of us, and he looked over at Duke and said “Duke a wolf.” with a little smirk on his face. I could tell he was waiting for a reaction so I overdid it with the shock and surprise, exclaiming “Duke is a wolf?! I always thought he was a dog! He’s a wolf?” Harry laughed at my agape mouth and nodded, “Mmhmm.”

As my feigned surprise died down, I could see his little mind working, trying to find the next story to tell me. “Calvin wolf too.” I genuinely laughed at his ability to understand the reaction this statement would elicit and then the shock was projected on my face again. The kid thought it was so funny and when I calmed down, he looked at me with that devious grin and said “And another one.”

I demanded to know who the other wolf was and Harry, without hesitation, replied “Papa.” I lost it, I was laughing so hard at this kid. He started his grown up laugh and the look in his eye was something I’ll never forget. Pride at making such a funny joke. Awe at how clever he could be. And warmth because he was sharing all this with me. The luckiest girl in the world, even if I do live with three incognito wolves.

xoxo Mallory

Harry at breakfast | R.Simple Life

Animal House

Harry at breakfast | R.Simple LifeHarry at breakfast | R.Simple LifeHarry at breakfast | R.Simple LifeHarry at breakfast | R.Simple LifeHarry at breakfast | R.Simple LifeHarry at breakfast | R.Simple Life

“The guys” are never far from Harry lately. He carries them around, bathes them, feeds them, gives them water… our own little Recor Farm. In other news, we have the internet! So get ready for your daily dose of R.Simple Life – thanks for hanging in there with me while we remembered what it was like 10 years ago.

xoxo Mallory

No Internet, No Problem (Sike!)

Elizabeth Chocolate in Belgium | R.Simple Life

Hey guys. Mallory of R.Simple Life here. Remember me? I blogged here for like two years and then moved to Germany and disappeared (that’s me with the green purse and drool)? Well, Germany has brought about a great number of pleasures as well as a few unwelcome surprises, and top of the list of unwelcome surprises is the fact that apparently it can take 3+ months to get internet. You read that right, I have no internet, still. And I really don’t want to talk about it. (Unless you want to, Telecom…)

Anyway, we’re still here, alive and happy. Happy as can be, really. Germany is beautiful and we’re having a blast. And I promise, promise as soon as we enter the year 2000, I will be back – though I can’t promise my blog won’t have turned into a LiveJournal by then.

Thanks for holding out. I’ve got so much to tell you about when I come back. We’ve been to Versailles, Brussels, Heidelberg, and we’re going to Switzerland next weekend. I have officially been spoiled on chocolate (picture taken at my favorite Belgian chocolate shop).

xoxo Mallory

More Things Never to Forget

Things to Remember, 17 Months | R.Simple Life

+ “Edy” (pronounced: Ee-dee). It’s what you call yourself.

+ The feeling of your little hands grabbing the sides of my face when you want to come in for a kiss.

+ The temper that is so close to the surface right now. I don’t particularly like it, but I don’t want to forget it.

+ Your little engineering mind. Snaps and buckles and tools are the favorite toys right now.

+ The way you squatted right down next to Frau Veronica and helped her put together her bench.

+ Your fake laugh. And while we’re at it, your fake cry.

+ How one kiss from Mama can make everything all better.

+ “Noo?” Even when I want you to say yes, when you say “Noo?” with a question in your voice, I melt a little bit inside.

+ Your back rubs.

+ Your voice when you sing. Well really, just your voice. It’s so sweet.

+ How much you love and seem to think you need “e-d-ent” (deodorant).

+ The first words out of your mouth when I come in to get you in the morning. “Peanut butter banana.” Always.

+ Your funny little happy, dancing feet.

+ The way you slept soundly on me the whole flight from Baltimore to Germany. And then the next night when you needed to sleep on top of me in bed too. I never want to forget the weight of your little body sleeping on mine.

+ Every single flower is an opportunity to stop and smell. You’d spend your whole day smelling flowers if I’d let you.

+ How, at 2AM the other night, you woke up with a little fever and a big toothache, asked for medicine, then dates and peanut butter banana, and watched Frozen. At 2 o’clock in the morning.

+ How much you love balloons. (“BA-oons”)

+ “Two, Un, Two, Un, Two, Done.”

+ The way you smile your cheesiest smile at me, and shrug your shoulder my way. And then say “Love you too Ama.”

Love you Edy.